Looking for natural relief from allergies or asthma try a Himayalan salt rock lamp.  Ark Imports Fair Trade Clothing is handmande in Nepal  by local Artisans with no sweat shops or child labour.  Artisans are paid a fair wage and have safe working environments.  Sold at Grapevine Cottage, Collingwood.     

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The hottest Fashion Scarves of the Season, Pashmina & Infinity .  We have them in many different colours , styles and patterns.

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At GrapeVine Cottage a Mother , Daughter Team provide excellent and friendly Customer Service!  April and Joy are Artists and therefore  very  knowledgeable about all the products they sell.  Both Ladies have a Passion for Home Decor, Fair Trade Clothing, Women's Fashions, Jewelry, Purses, Country Home Candles, Healing Hazelwood Necklaces,  Bracelets, Himalayan Salt Rock Lamps, and so many other of the Exciting items they sell at Grapevine Cottage.

  When Shopping online looking for that perfect gift, Fashion Accessory, Home Decor or  Fair Trade Clothing  , SHOP WITH US FIRST!

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